DJ Sultan

MIX Magazine write up of DJ SULTAN / ELEPHANT MAN Mastering Session

Mix Magazine Article about my Vocal Session:



Engineer Eric Yoder recently mixed a new track for DJ Sultan, featuring Elephant Man. The vocals were tracked in Jamaica, but Sultan wanted an American-pop sound, so he came to Horse-Drawn. The session was created on a PC laptop; by the time the session reached Chicago, it was all in Pro Tools, at close to 100 tracks. The song was then mixed via Pro Tools on a Yamaha DM2000, using outboard gear. The final was printed through a TC Electronics M5000, and then Horse-Drawn chief engineer, Jackson Bomher, did the final mastering in the Indigo Mastering Suite. Elephant Man added a lot of layers of vocals so different textures could be created. The song will be released on Sultan’s upcoming album, release date yet to be announced…